Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Brenna Day"

A couple days ago my Grandmother-in-law treated me to a whole day of doing whatever I wanted. She called it "Brenna Day" We started off by going to breakfast at a super delicious local restaurant called Berna B's and I had Green Chili smothered goodness.
Then the guys left to play video games while all of us girls went shopping. She took me to 3 different places for clothes (I of course got most of them at Target) She bought me a whole new wardrobe and I love it! She is so amazing. I've never gotten so many clothes at one time. It was such a blessing! Especially because I left most of my clothes in TX. For lunch we met back up with Chase and Gabe at Olive Garden and I got some amazing Chicken and Dumpling soup.
There's just something about Chicken and Dumpling's!

Some of my Loot.

Later that day Rachel made me from scratch spaghetti (she even made the noodles!) and we watched Emma... The only Jane Austin movie I haven't seen.


Some people are so amazing. I hope one day I can be as unselfish as them.



  1. That's so sweet of her!
    I love that purse...if I had money to spend on a purse I absolutely don't need, I would have bought it.
    I'm glad you got a Brenna Day. :)

  2. I like your grandmother-in law. She is so supper neat, and kind. bY the way, I think that Being unselfish is a very good thing for people to put on their new years resolutions. Even If you suck at doing them. Marlin Bartlett wants us to do a goals list this year, and I am being really bad at doing it. SO I think I have at least one thing. I love you my dear. Make Everyday a Brenna day. (can choosing to be unselfish one day for yourself count as being unselfish, or is it still selfish? lol)