Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Basic Embroidery #2

If you missed my first Basic Embroidery post you can find it HERE to learn a couple super basic stitches. This time I'm going to share how to transfer an image to fabric in a really simple way.
First find a picture you want to embroider. You might want a line drawing image to make it easier to trace. Zoom in or out of the image to the exact size you need it.
 Put your piece of fabric over the screen. You might want to go in to a darker room to be able to see the image through the fabric clearly.
 Use a wash off embroidery pen to trace the image. You can find them at Jo-Anns for $5.00.
 And you're ready to embroider! You can also draw your own image on a piece of paper and either scan it in to your computer or use some kind of light behind it to trace it on the fabric.
 I used stitch number 1 to do the whole thing. Use a wet rag to remove the blue ink and you're finished :) SO simple!



  1. Love the Jackalope! This turned out great! I need to try this.

    1. Why thank you!! I love Jackalopes :) You should, it's really easy and fun!

  2. Okay...So, when I finish this months 7, we are celebrating with a embroidery party. and we WILL have tasty treats!