Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recycled Shoes (DIY)

I found these shoes (below) for 25 cents. I didn't really like them but they fit perfect and were really comfortable so I decided I would clean them and find something to do with them.
I was going to do a flower, but for some reason, I do flowers on everything! So I did bows! Here's how I did it... (if any of you have some old shoes laying around that deserve an uplift).

First I cut a 8" X 4" rectangle of fabric (you can change it to whatever size you want)
Then I folded the top and the bottom in so that it was folded in to thirds
After you iron it down fold in each side of the strip a little further then to the middle and iron it down as well.
Use a needle and thread to gather it in to a bow like the pic below...
Tie it off and then cut about an inch wide strip of material for the middle of the bow and iron each side in.
wrap it tightly around the middle of the bow and hot glue it on the back to keep it in place.
Make another one exactly the same and ta-da! you have 2 cute little bows!
Just hot glue them to your shoes and there you have it!
It took me a total of about 20 minutes to make these it's so fun and easy. so you can literally have new shoes in a matter of minutes :)


C Rolls and Coffee

Last night I started making cinnamon rolls at 10:00... not very smart... I didn't finish until 11:00 and I still had a bunch to do this morning. But it was worth it! I used this recipe and its some of the best home made cinnamon rolls I've had (apart from my moms, of course). Other then it taking so long, it was fairly easy. I highly recomend it next time you get the urge to make any, but you might not want to start it at 10:00 at night!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liz's Birthday

For my sisters birthday on Tuesday my parents bought us lunch at Mesa Lakes Lodge. It was so nice up there! Then we came back to town, went put-put golfing, and then watched Fantastic Mr. Fox with our friends Jennifer and Megan. It was a good time. Happy 23rd year Liz!


Birdie Diaper Bag

My lovely sister-in-law and brother (LaRae and Amos) are taking a family vacation soon and she needed a diaper bag that had more pockets. So We figured out a different version of the one I made for my aunt (see it HERE).
Now it just needs to be filled with all of Shyla's little things!

I have two more requests for diaper bags now haha. Which is fine because I love making them. If you know of anyone who's having a baby or needs a diaper bag for anything let me know :) $20 + cost of material (or you can provide your own) brennahorse[at]gmail[dot]com


Friday, June 24, 2011

Abandon Buildings

On the mesa yesterday, when we were on a walk, we ran across this building. It's been there for years and I wish I knew what they were planning on building. But it looks really cool and it's super spooky. I love places like that!
Kasandra at the paint ball wall
We also got really goofy after that and took a lot of amazing model shots. My sister has most of the pics HERE.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Rabbit on Freckled Nest

Red Rabbit was featured on a Freckled Nest post! She did a free add spot for a bunch of people for her blogs 5th anniversary and she's also featuring every one of us in a blog post in groups. Red Rabbit got featured tonight! I'm just excited because I love her blog a LOT and she was so nice to do this! Check it out HERE.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Powderhorn (pic heavy)

We've been having a great time up at Powderhorn this week. I'll being up there on and off this week between work. The weather is perfect! A great time to go hiking. We hiked up the main ski trail the other night. They also have a hot tub and sauna so we got to go hot tubing after our hike and yesterday a bunch of family came up for pizza and home made ice cream for Fathers Day. It's been great so far. I'm excited to hiking again!