Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Sorry about the abandon blog over here. Our internet has been really bad this week and it's very rare to get it to work well enough for anything! But other then that, this week has been really good! We went to a wedding of an old friend of mine, got caught up on laundry and cleaning, did a fire pit at my brothers, went swimming for the first time this summer, and did a TON of baking! It's been a crazy, but fun week. This whole next week my family has a condo at Powderhorn (our closest ski resort). I'll probably be there randomly all week. It's beautiful in the summer, I'll share some pics soon. Also I will have a couple new things in my store this week :)

Funny story... My parents are getting their house re-roofed and before they put the last board on the lower level, my kitty, Hobbes, decided it would be fun to go inside and explore and ended up getting himself sealed in! Later that night I thought I heard him crying and thought he wanted in, but he wasn't at the door and I kinda forgot about it. Then a couple hours later my dad came in and asked if I knew where hobbes was cause he heard him crying. So we looked around and found out that it was coming from the ceiling. Thank goodness my dad heard him or who knows how long he would have been in there. Anyway, we ended up just being able to take a ceiling light down and have him crawl through the hole and after a good cleaning he was safe and sound.
 Silly cat...


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