Sunday, June 26, 2011

C Rolls and Coffee

Last night I started making cinnamon rolls at 10:00... not very smart... I didn't finish until 11:00 and I still had a bunch to do this morning. But it was worth it! I used this recipe and its some of the best home made cinnamon rolls I've had (apart from my moms, of course). Other then it taking so long, it was fairly easy. I highly recomend it next time you get the urge to make any, but you might not want to start it at 10:00 at night!


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  1. Oh boy Brenna, you have just done something that would get me in good with my honey forever. His Momma made homemade rolls and I am the pits, I am saying you are doing awesome work girl....but from now on when family gets together guess what you have to bring???? Love you, proud of you