Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recycled Shoes (DIY)

I found these shoes (below) for 25 cents. I didn't really like them but they fit perfect and were really comfortable so I decided I would clean them and find something to do with them.
I was going to do a flower, but for some reason, I do flowers on everything! So I did bows! Here's how I did it... (if any of you have some old shoes laying around that deserve an uplift).

First I cut a 8" X 4" rectangle of fabric (you can change it to whatever size you want)
Then I folded the top and the bottom in so that it was folded in to thirds
After you iron it down fold in each side of the strip a little further then to the middle and iron it down as well.
Use a needle and thread to gather it in to a bow like the pic below...
Tie it off and then cut about an inch wide strip of material for the middle of the bow and iron each side in.
wrap it tightly around the middle of the bow and hot glue it on the back to keep it in place.
Make another one exactly the same and ta-da! you have 2 cute little bows!
Just hot glue them to your shoes and there you have it!
It took me a total of about 20 minutes to make these it's so fun and easy. so you can literally have new shoes in a matter of minutes :)


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