Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Feaver

Yes I believe we are all feeling it... Everyone seems to be cleaning out their closets and making their yard sale piles.
I was so delighted to find out that my brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit us! I haven't seen them in over two years :( One of the things on my list of goals this year was seeing my brother and I thought that one most likely wouldn't happen, but it is now!

So anyway, we are cleaning out the spare bedroom in my moms house for them which has turned in to a storage/playroom/tv room. We decided to get our bed out of storage and put the other in the spare bedroom. Which has given me MAJOR spring fever. The room we're staying in now (my old room) has a mix of random furniture my mom has found to put in there and a mix of a bunch of my old paintings and stuff. I am finally going to paint and decorate it to look like it all somewhat goes together rather then the hoge-poge mess it is now. I will take before and after pics. ...I just wish i got some before we moved the bed :( I get so excited this time of year to clean out everything that's accumulated over the winter and organize, organize, organize!

Chase will be gone this weekend playing for a band so hopefully I will have time to do a lot of this before he gets back. And still no luck on finding a job... it's discouraging, but I'm still looking and I know God will take care of us like he always does! I'll be back later with DDF.


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