Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things This Week

This week consisted of...

-Getting a package from my sister <3
 She sent me home made pumpkin chocolate chip bread, homemade nutella soap, home made tea, and honey from my home land.

-Quality baking time. 
I'm so lucky I get to do bake for a living!

 -Seeing silly tourist stuff

-Long phone conversations with friends and family back home

They usually last at least an hour. It's kinda sad... I can't imagine how people could move away back in the day before phones.

-Making Plans
Chase has been helping me make a plan for my future business. I just need to wrap my head around what all this is really going to consist of.

-A few walks
One of which consisted of falling in to a pond... err... But the weather has been so perfect here for afternoon walks!



  1. Is that cake at your work??? Because... Oh my gosh!

  2. Not this particular one, but we do have pumpkin cheesecake and it might even look better then this one... It's the best thing I've tasted there so far!

  3. When I had cake their, it was so good, unfortunately I figured it didnt have corn syrup...I figured wrong! But now I just check. I kinda wish we had your weather, that way I could wear my new tights that I just got, but its to cold in the morning! I am seriously considering Getting a parking permit and driving to school. but that seams kinda like cheating. lol. Love you.

  4. I made a pumpkin cheesecake with a crust made with ginger snaps. SNAP! was it good! Planning on making it for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll make one for Christmas too so you can try some to compare with your work. ( :-mom