Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thrifting Before & After

The other day me and Lori went thriving. You know those times where you don't find anything good and it was a total fail? This definitely was NOT one of those days! We both found so much stuff and we had to force ourselves to stop and go home so we wouldn't make our husbands even more mad then they already would be :p We found lots of clothes, dishes, and even Christmas presents.

I got a shirt and a skirt that were dirt cheap and I kinda liked how they looked, but knew I had to alter and change them somehow.
 I loved the horse fabric, but the rest of it looked just a little too weird
I really liked the style of the front of the shirt, but it was super baggy, the sleeves were to short and it fit me really awkward.

The shirt doesn't look super different. I only made it smaller and made the sleeves short, but I like how it turned out!
 All I did to the skirt was make it shorter to get rid of the plaid part and put different buttons on it. So simple! And now I have a new favorite skirt!
(Please, please excuse the terrible pictures. I literally had 2 minutes to take all of them... )


  1. Wow what a great job you've done. I LOVE that horse fabric!
    pollie xo

  2. Awesome! I love what you did, and they look great on you.
    You've got skillz.

  3. Someone else looks great in old lady cloths too! I went to hospice Saturday and got some great old lady clothes. Pair them right, and the look Retro Chic. Then went down to The Curremt and got a scarf that goes perfectly with you know what! It is a nice golden and mustard yellow with some nice accents.