Thursday, December 1, 2011

November's End

Just like every month lately... November has slipped by without me knowing. It must be a sign of getting old. I loved this month a lot and I'm even more excited for next month. ...Of course. Who doesn't love December? I have a lot of fun memories to take from this month though. I've enjoyed every last one of them and I've really learned a ton of stuff. God is really teaching me to be grateful and patient ...and definitely to find the good in every situation.

This month I:
-Made Christmas presents
-Had a perfect Thanksgiving dinner
-Went Black Friday shopping (cause I'm crazy)
-Got our van broken in to
-Started my last week at Whole Foods :(
-Made my first clothes without using a pattern



  1. That salad looks amazing, that sign is funny, and did you make the black shirt yet? lol

  2. is tasted amazing. No not yet :( sorry. I have had zero time the past few days...