Monday, December 26, 2011

Mug Shots

For Christmas I made mugs for most of my family. I used this tutorial and they turned out to be super easy to make!

My brother Amos':

 My Dad's:
My BIL David's:
 My SIL LaRae's:
My nephew Isaiah's:
 Chase's Grandparents:
 My Mom (Cindy):
These were a blast to make. I want to get some colored porcelain paint next time. I think color would add a lot. But if you need any kind of present or just a mug for yourself, these were really simple and they were really nice to my wallet :)



  1. Brenna,
    You are AMAZINGLY talented!! These are incredible!

  2. tHIS WOULD BE SO COOL TO DO FOR LOTS OF THINGS, LIKE PLATES, (sorry left the caps on) or if you had a porcelain light cover. The possibilities are endless.

  3. are amazing great chritsmas idea 4 presents :D