Sunday, January 30, 2011

Notebook paper fabric tutorial

I've made a lot of stuff with this method and it's really fun to do. Also it's a lot easier then it looks.

I've made a Kindle Cover

 An Ipad Cover

and Zipper Pouches

There are so many cool things to do with this and I would love to see more.

Start with a rectangle of white material (about the size of a piece of paper, or whichever size you want)
Set your sewing machine needle clear to the left position and use blue thread.
Sew one straight line on the top of the fabric, horizontally, just like a piece of paper.
for the next line put it just under of the first line, lining up the first line with the right of your sewing machine foot to keep it all lined up in straight lines. Repeat all the way down the fabric.
Now you have something that should look like this...
Next change your thread to red and do one line down the side about 1 1/2 inches from the edge, completely perpendicular to the blue lines
Aaaand it's finished!!!!
I always embroider on it. It's fun to make it look like doodles on a real piece of paper, but you can add buttons or embelishments or whatever you want. Have fun!

I would love to see more finished projects with this meathod. If you make anything with it pleeeease send me a pic! That would make my day :)



  1. I love this! Please tell me what fabric and colours of thread you used?

  2. Thank you so much!!

    I used regular cotton fabric on some and on others I used a little bit thicker fabric to make it more durable. As long as it can be used with a sewing machine it should be fine.

    I found that royal blue and orange(ish) red thread worked best for what I made, but mess around with the colors and find what works best for you :)

  3. I bought a piece (in San Francisco) with the lines printed on it, but stitching would add texture. Let's see what happens with what I bought.

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