Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today is "get my butt busy day" I've been so stinkin' lazy this weekend. Now it's time to get stuff done. I have less then a week to pack everything for both Chase and I for New Zealand and I haven't even started laundry yet or gone shopping...
I decided to finally practice crocheting next week. Since I have 20 hrs traveling there and 20 hrs back and I'm sure the airport security would attack me if I attempted to bring my embroidery stuff. So I guess I need to start my own yarn collection.
I love this bicycle! Hopefully I don't get that addicted to yarn though... :)

Also since I'm so in love with home decor I will be starting a weekly "Decor Day" Post. I don't know what day I will be doing it or how long it will last. But I'm excited!

Have a wonderful week!


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