Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day In The Life (in pictures)

First I must apologize for the bad pics. All I had was my phone. Secondly I must apologize for the lack of photos. It's more difficult then I thought to remember to take pics every so often. Haha!

5:52 am- Breakfast before work.

9:56 am- Made lots and lots of Honey Bunny's

1:22 pm- Story time with my nephew Isaiah

2:02 pm-Lunch with the in-laws

3:07 pm- Helped my sister make her truffles

3:38 pm- Dyed Easter eggs

4:06 pm- Hung out with my cousin Rachel

5:33 pm- Enjoyed the rain

5:44 pm- Went to an Easter service

9:14 pm- Watched "The Kings Speech" (which was really good)
So there you go. All in all a pretty good day :)

I am SO excited for Easter. I get to wear my new dress and hang out with all of my wonderful family!
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.



  1. He was sad we were leaving

    You like how I cropped the creepy pic? lol

  2. I had no idea you took that one of our shoes, It looked like im a hipster granny lady (if you just look from my skirt to the cons) hehe. Loves it.
    P.S. Your dress was so adorable. And yes, I was slightly jealous. :) XOXO