Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recently Handmade

Here's just a few things I've made as of late:

Skirt I made from some fabric I found (for 25 cents!) at a yardsale

Lampshade I made for my Antique lamp

Rug I was going to give for Christmas, but didn't get it done in time. Instead I decided I liked it and would keep it.

 A little jumper that had some stupid Winnie The Pooh thing on it (don't get me wrong, I live watching Winnie The Pooh, but there's just WAY too much baby stuff with him on it), so I covered it with a pocket for my nephew, but it looked like a dress on him so I embroidered a little heart on it for my niece. ha!

Some decorative pillows for our bed to spruce it up a little. I just used Screen printing paint.


  1. YOu have nice legs, and I love the lamp shade, the last marry janes had some cute ideas that I have bean wanting to try, but I need to go to goodwill and salvation army for fabric, (I use old table cloths and sometimes take the fabric from dresses and skirts.)

  2. You're so talented! I love your style. :)

    ..aka Anonymous Brenna Stalker

    ...except I just gave you my name, so not so anonymous...

    ...I'm going now...

  3. Aww thanks guys!! *blush*
    Rachel, I've been using a lot of vintage sheets for material and love how it looks! Table clothes and skirts are a great idea!
    Jen, you're so silly! lol
    luv u 2!