Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cats Cats Everywhere...

Like I said before, Chase and I are house sitting. I don't think I mentioned that they have 5 cats... that's right 5! It's been interesting. Some of them are pretty skiddich so they hide alot.
This is Carl. He's the most loving... (and the most annoying at times...)
Good thing I love kitty cats and we're not allergic!

I'm missing my kitty now :(

Slowly working on Christmas presents... I can't believe I only have like 25 days to finish so many presents. Plus I have to finish a few more things for a craft sale this weekend. *tries not to panic* Hopefully I'll get pictures of my table this time! And I'm sharing a table with my sister-in-law so it will be fun. She makes so really amazing stuff you can find her etsy shop HERE.

She's only 15 and is so talented! I am so blessed to have so many creative people around me :)


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