Monday, August 9, 2010

Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

This is my altered skirt that i made for my sisters wedding. My mom originaly bought it for me a couple years ago. I love the fabric, but didn't really like the style or how heavy and hot it was to wear. It was super easy. Below are some step by step pics of the process. Feel free to ask me questions if i forget to explain something.
 This is a before pic. See it still even has the tag on! But don't you love the material?
First I cut it in to 5 pieces. this might be different for you depending on how you want your skirt to turn out. I left the underskirt longer (to the length i wanted the final skirt to be) and used it to sew the layers on. i took the smallest layer that i cut and just did a basting stitch on the top edge and gathered it, and then sewed it about 6 inches under the top layer of the skirt. Sorry i didn't take pictures of that step. I repeated the same thing with the next two layers. I had to cut off quite a bit of fabric on the last two layers cause there was way to much fabric (with-wise).
What it looks under the layers. The space between the layers were about 6 inches and the pieces of fabric were about 7 1/2 inches. You may want to alter the measurements depending on how you want your skirt to look.TIP: This particular material i didn't have to seam up the edges so if your fabric is a fabric that will unravel be sure to measure it a little extra for the seams.
Another pic of the finished project. Sorry if there wasn't much detail in this tutorial, it's my first one ever! Tell me if you have any questions or if there's anything that would make it easier to follow.Your input would be greatly appreciated!


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