Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As Of Late

There past few weeks haven't been too exciting around here. I'm not a fan of these stages in life where it's pretty much just waiting, probably because I don't have much patience for anything haha.

Chase got offered to hop on a tour for 2 months this summer, which means a lot of things for us.
1. We probably won't be able to move to Dallas as soon as we were planning.
2. We're going to have to somehow buy lots and lots f merch if he needs it to last him 2 months.
3. I need to buy a plain ticket at some point so I can meet up with them for a couple weeks, because I don't think I could go 2 MONTHS without seeing him!
4. I'm going to have to work extra hard this summer if I want to move away at all.
But I'm super excited that Chase has this chance. Touring is one of his favorite things in the world and I' glad he gets to do what he loves. We all need to find that one thing we love and DO IT. I wish I could have as much motivation as him haha.

(sorry for the angst-ish post. I did sandwiches today at work and it gives me a lot of time to think haha)

I am now eating a fruit smoothie and sitting outside with my sister and nephew, enjoying this (finally) warm weather!
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday evening!


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  1. Hmmm... Imagine that not moving as soon as expected. That sounds familiar, like its happened a few times before lol jk