Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Had A Yardsale

Since we don't want to move all of our furniture clear down to TX we decided to sale it all. So a bunch of us had a combined yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Other then the wind (that broke alot of our stuff) on Friday and the unexpected snow on Saturday, it turned out good. We got rid off all our furnature and made money at the same time!

Chase made all of us girls  a yummy yummy breakfast in the morning after we got all set up
This is after most of our furniture got sold
 Liz and Ev trying out her motorcycle
 The poor babies my mom and sister have to sell
 And just look at what the darn wind did to us!
 I'd have to say I enjoy going to yard sales much more then having them, but it was still fun and well worth it :)


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