Friday, May 6, 2011

Books and Bordom

The mister is gone until next Wednesday :( He's playing for a few days at a conference in Denver and then he will be flying out right afterwords to Atlanta to do some recording! I'm excited to hear it! I love hearing his finished projects :) I had an awesome, amazing day, but I'm already missing him and starting to get bored...
...Can't you tell? ha!

I'm going to try to take this time to work on our room (taking me long enough, right?), hopefully get a lot of hrs in at work...and maybe just maybe get some more stuff put on Etsy.
For now I've stayed up way too late reading my book. It's past midnight and I'm planning on going yard selling with the gals tomorrow. I think tomorrow afternoon will be calling for a nap...
Have a good weekend <3


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