Tuesday, September 6, 2011


last week Chase had Wade of Yamo Films take some pictures for Starship Romance. They turned out to be amazing! He does some excellent work and is doing all the video stuff for Starship Romance. Chase will be posting pics and a great live video soon of a recent show that he filmed, I will share it once he does. (We were just playing around in this pic, but it turned out pretty sweet!)
I did this tutorial to curl my hair that I found though The Velvet Bird. My hair is very dry and damaged so I haven't been using any kind of iron on my hair so this was great. When I do rag rolling my hair goes straight after a half a day because I don't use hair spray and this lasted 2 days! And oh yeah, it's super easy!
I finally painted my nails after probably 2 years... Let's pretend this picture was blurry on purpose...
I tagged along with my sister and my cousin out to Fruita and learned how to milk a goat :)
This weekend I went to the Glenwood Hotsprings with Chase's family for my MIL's Birthday. Fun, fun, fun, fun!

Unfortunately, I woke up sick with the same cold my sister, mom, dad and nephew all have. Oh the joys of 7 people under 1 roof... So I maybe might be posting more then normal these next couple days, seeing how we're all glued to the couches and beds right now... But on the bright side, it's been raining all day, which makes me feel so much happier!


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  1. You're hair looks really cute curled! That is such a great tutorial...I never would have thought of that! I need to try it now. I wonder how it would work on really long hair?