Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day In the City

 Today we mostly hung out at random studios, applied for more jobs and discovered a little more about Dallas. We had a lot of fun and I got to ride on a real life trolly.

We were going to go to all of the art museums today, but Mondays happen to be the only days they are closed. We will have to save that for another day... So we just walked around to random cool places downtown.
The tour guide.

Two guys with a baby... kinda awkward

 This is the Fountain Place building. It usually has a bunch of fountains all around it, but most of them were all drained at the time, so I will have to go back again.
Again... lol

This is the house of the first settlers in Dallas. I jokingly said that we should look up the oldest structure in the city and Dallas actually knew what it was lol (we agreed that he needs to start his own tour guide business) So we went to go see it. It's like right in the middle of downtown.
Old & new


  1. Awesome, looks like you had a good tour. It's crazy that the oldest structure is still standing!

  2. I have been by this old building many times - did yu see the Kenndy things it is sad how they built a new nice place for the flame and it was not going torn up when we came the last 2 times