Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Happenings

I had so much fun this Sunday. It was a long day, but great day!
Chase's hair got a little crazy after the water park...
Pumpkin Woodchuck :)

Here's how the story goes:

-Had yummy coffee at church
-Had a pizza picnic at the park
-Played in the little kids water park (Except I think us "adults" had more fun then the kids)
-Went to Oktoberfest at a pretty outdoor mall (that has Anthropologie!!!!)
-Came back to the apartment to swim
-Pool was closed
-Pouted for a minute
-Made a fire and had a BBQ
-Searched for all night tattoo shops... and failed...
-Went to the park in downtown Dallas
-Met some guy and talked to him on his patio for a long time
-And ate some Whataburger fries to end the night

Oh and Evelyn's got some sick moves!


  1. Pumpkin Wood Chuck?!! Must Try!!! She is SOOO cute! lol

  2. I learned how to make hard cider, I think I should have my "Mom" "try" it "for me" seeing how its apple season and all, haha!