Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Pile: Bags

Yesterday I kinda went overboard at the fabric store (like I always tend to do) But I found a fabric store here in Dallas that has some crazy good deals and this time I actually have a plan for every piece of fabric I got. I made a couple bags lastnight and I'm in the process of making a rug right now.

Bag 1
I really liked the fabric I found for the outside of this bag. It feels exactly like jegging material. The inside is some vintage fabric that my mom had in her fabric stash for years that I LOVE. And the flower is a removable pin.

Bag 2

This bag was super easy to make. For the flower all you need to do is fold a strip of material in half, sew it along the bottom edge with a really long stitch and pull the thread to gather it. There's a ton of cute things you could make with it!

I'm glad I actually have fabric now so I can get started on all these projects that I need to get done!!


  1. you remind me of me I used to go "crazy" in the fabric store buy the WHOLE bolt if I really liked it and it was at a good price - glad you found a good store there - did you find a place to help you with your machine? Love the bags Grandma VW

  2. Wonderful wonderful bag! That big flower is great.. I love the effect of gathering! Very impressive :) i love your blog

    pollie xo