Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 Simple Goals

A little late start on this...but I've decided to do these 4 simple goals before 2011 rolls around.

1. Start my Etsy shop I've got a couple items so far, but I have got to make some more stuff for it. Eventually I just want my own website, but until I have tons of cash to drop on it all I really have is Etsy and local events. Which is awesome, but I really want to do this full-time!
2. Take more time for my friends I love my friends so much! After loosing one of my best friends, and having another one move away... I've really noticed what my priority's are and what they need to be. I guess sometimes it takes something terrible to make something good.
3. Save up for a new camera My sister's been kind enough to let me use her new and amazing rebel. So I've been ok for now, but I know when we aren't living together anymore I will need to get my own eventually. After using one of those, nothing else (that I could afford) will compare. Plus my husband could get a ton of use out of it with his music projects. And it would probably motivate me to blog a lot more.
4. Make more stuff! In order to sell stuff, I have to have stuff to actually sell, besides just the little box full I have right now. I'm glad I have this blog to motivate me to do this. Hopefully I will start more goals from now on so that I will actually finish them. 
So to start this off...
This weeks goal: Starting today, I am going to make one thing every day this week and post it on here as each one is finished. By Thursday next week I will have 7 more items made. And now I kinda have to do this... so I'm going to get started!


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