Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Decor

Home decor makes me so excited. Even though we don't have our own place right now I am excited for when I can decorate my own house. I especially love anything weird and stuff that doesn't make any since. Here's some ideas I found that I kinda like...

I can already tell I am going to have trouble with my kitchen. I have a ton of ideas for it that I want to do.

Craft Room

This is the room I would most likely be spending all my extra time in so it would probably change a lot.

Some more random decor.

I love this bathroom! and the fork idea is so neat. It would be good to hold recipe cards in the kitchen or something.

For now we're living with our parents. Same with my sister and her husband. My mom jokes and says "They leave for a while and then they come back in multiples." Chase and I were going to be moving to Wisconsin cause he was going to do a full-time tour with a band so we put all our stuff in storage and it ended up not working out...nice! So we're debating on just getting another place here in GJ or moving to Denver or Austen...We're still debating. We have to save up a lot of money either way. So we're just saving for now. Plus it's kinda nice living with family and it's cool being able to see my new nephew everyday... minus the crying at night. Oh and my moms basement is just like a huge craft room. So it's fun. I really really want my own house, but i don't mind waiting a few years. I'm only 20 years old. I have plenty of time :)


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