Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brazilian Embroidery

I finished my first Brazilian Embroidery project!

I only know a couple things right now but it's so much fun! and it's easier then I far anyway. I might be saying different later.

I've been looking for some cool ideas for Brazilian Embroidery (or Dimensional Embroidery) and here's all I've really found so far.

I found this on some Japanese lady's blog. She is amazing at this stuff! Isn't that cool?!

I love this :)


  1. She did a nice job of sitching the gazebo. That's my "Ruth's Gazebo" design from the cover of my book, Take A Stitch. It's really beautiful and I'm glad you shared it. Hope you are enjoying Brazilian embroidery; I love it, too! Rosalie Wakefield

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  2. sorry. I mis-typed the url:

  3. Where can I find the pattern for the white tree above? Bonnie