Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 days

Texas, here we come.
We've been getting our last details done before we move. We sold our car which is a huge relief! So we don't have a whole lot left to do. I can't believe we are leaving in about 10 days... I'm really  excited, but so sad at the same time to be leaving everyone that I love so much... But I will be back! I am starting a list of all the fun things I will have to do with everyone before I leave. Which so far will include:
-Craft day with Miki
-Girls night with Jen and Megan
-Favorite 90's movie marathon with Liz
-A big card making day
-Sewing lots and lots
-And a partayy!
I'm sure my list will grow. I keep adding things.

In the meantime I've been sewing, working, and helping my sister get ready for... Everett's 1st Birthday! This next week is going to be bomb.


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  1. Ohh...Favorite 90's movie marathon - thats such a good idea. I might have to do that with my sisters next time I visit them!! Or 80's movie marathon!! Love that idea!! Have fun on your list of things to do before you leave!! Can't believe its already 10 days away!!