Monday, August 29, 2011

Creativity And Coffee

My brother and SIL LaRae completely re did their high school youth group building. They have been working nonstop for the past couple months on this project. I would say it was completely worth it! It looks so amazing! ...Total transformation then before. They invited us over there to come look at it yesterday and I could have spent all day there. They are so creative! They gave up so much of their time for this.

Also we got free coffee on the house...score!

Sorry about the pictures. I had a wiggley (but cute) baby in my arms the whole time.
You can barely see, but there's a ginormous origami crane on the ceiling in the background and a paper plane that LaRae's sister and husband made.

We couldn't get a good picture of the light, but it's amazing in person. I told my brother that he has to make one for me when I get a house.



  1. Love it! Can they come do my house?

  2. Haha! Yeah no kidding! I want them to do mine too. They could start a business or something.

  3. OH wow wow wow!! That is amazing! I have been wanting to see the finished product! Such talent!