Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Bags & A Road Trip

This week I am driving with my friend back to her school in Pennsylvania and then flying back. I got a few orders for diaper bags this week. I was only able to get two of them done and I will do the others when I get back. But I was lucky to get these two done. I had to stay up until 1 am and then get up 3 hrs later for work.. It's been a long couple of days. I'm glad I will get to relax on a road trip the rest of this week :)
I will try to keep my twitter updated of our road trip. Also, be expecting a guest post this week! I'm about to crash. So I hope you all have a wonderful week, whatever you might be doing!



  1. Those look great!! ;)

  2. awesome bags!!! Hey - you are going to PA??? Where abouts? Thats where I am from - my whole fam lives there! They live on the far east side of Lancaster county - close to Philly!

  3. I LOVE them! Hope your trip is going well.

  4. Oh really!? I'll be in New London, which is near Lancaster. I'm pretty sure it's close to Philly too. I am excited to see it tomorrow! It sounds like a cool place :)

  5. Dear Brenna,

    I love the diaper bag you made for Zoey Laura Ann. Soo pretty! I really feel bad that you stayed up so late to finish it. I would have told you not to hurry that much!

    The owl bag is really cute, too ... and would be nice for fall especially.

    I enjoyed your photos. Danelle, Everett and I drove across PA, (actually from here to N.C., then to Washington D.C. and N.Y. and back home) when she was in college. It was a dream of a trip. I agree with your opinion of the old barns, bridges, old buildings, and beautiful scenery in general. We just don't view that much history in the West.

    Now I've saved your blog page to my favorites.

    Thank you again.

    Love, Renie