Monday, August 15, 2011

PA Trip: Part 1

Well this is a few days over due, so I figured I should probably post it while I'm finally free!
Our trip started in Grand Junction and ended in Philadelphia. We traveled over 1,700 miles which seems like a lot, but it didn't seem like that long. We didn't get to hang out that much this summer so it was fun getting to hang out with Kasandra for that long before she went back to school.

So anyway, I took far too many pictures and even after narrowing it way down, this trip will have to be split in to 2 posts...

First day of our journey, we went from Denver to Kansas City. Other then getting lost in Denver and going an hour out of our way it was pretty boring for the most part. Eastern Colorado and most of Kansas is just...boring nothingness... Towards the middle we about went crazy. No. We did actually. I'm talking major giggles about nothing.
We stayed with my brothers in-laws in Kansas City, who live in an amazing area right next to an adorable old little town.

Day 2 we drank WAY too much coffee so the first half of our day involved a lot of bathroom breaks! We were going to drive to Indianapolis, but got there pretty early so we headed on to Columbus, Ohio.
This cross was huge! It was probably about a hundred foot high and popped out of nowhere. We saw another one later on. Pretty crazy.
I was planning on taking a picture of every state sign, but this is the only one I was able to get :(
Kasandra's parents made sure we were well equipped with self defense weapons. Luckily we didn't even come close to using them, but had way too much fun taking pictures with them.

Day 3 we drove through Ohio. I've never heard much about it and I don't know why. It's beautiful! unfortunately I didn't get much pics because I was driving and someone else *ahem* was sleeping.
 The itty-bitty toy car that we drove.
I'm so happy that we drove or I wouldn't have been able to see any of this beautiful side of the country.

Part two next...


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